Agate Piece Lettering

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

As I venture into new projects and first time crafts (for me), I found it helpful to get tips from others in the hand-lettering community. So, I thought I would create a post to help pass along info to anyone who finds themselves where I did for these beautiful agate pieces!

I had always seen this idea in lieu of wedding place cards on Pinterest, but it’s actually becoming such a popular material for all sorts of things (coasters, announcements, quotes, art pieces). I love the look of the agate - each one is so unique and beautiful in their own way, and it goes together wonderfully with some pretty writing.

For this particular order, gold ink was used on deep blue pieces. FYI - the gold and navy color combo is a favorite of mine right now - especially in home decor, so I was loving every minute as I was writing. To my surprise, the flat surface of the agate is a nib-friendly surface. You do not need markers, paint, or any special tools to write on these. Your everyday nib works awesome - in my case, I used the Blue Pumpkin nib aka the Brause Steno 361. As for an ink, I suggest looking for more of an opaque and less of a watery/transparent ink (if you are blending yourself). My go-to is the Dr. Ph. Martin’s line of inks. They have many colors from flat, metallic, etc. and the ink holds the opaqueness. The gold used on this order was the ”copper” color.

Prior to writing, I prepped each agate piece by cleaning and completely drying the surface. Water or a glass cleaner works fine - afterall, the surface of these rock pieces is very similar to regular glass.

And finally, as you begin writing, you’ll notice not much pressure is needed and the ink glides on easily. One thing to note - the pieces may have a few natural holes or divots in them, so spot those parts out and take your time when writing over those areas. You’ll have beautiful, hand-lettered pieces in no time!

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